Protect data, ensure compliance and prevent unauthorized misuse and access of your business infrastructure. Strengthen your security status and defensive capabilities to face any intelligent attacks.

There are many unauthorized ways of accessing business and network information, leading to misuse of technology infrastructure. Moreover, the sophistication of targeted attacks is increasing, the main focus is to compromise your data integrity, intellectual property and critical business assets. SIEM is a proven way of detect, analyze and remediate such attacks, it is also a systematic approach to govern security data centrally and observe unwanted behaviors and events across your organization.

Features of SIEM services include:

  • Centralized console for log management, proactive threat detection, application monitoring, risk management and user activity monitoring
  • Automatic real-time threat containment and elimination
  • Continuous compliance and reporting
  • Advanced analytics for network and infrastructure events
  • Comprehensive visualization capabilities

Accelerate threat detection, ensure compliance, optimize security investments

Our managed SIEM services can improve your organization’s ability to quickly counter threats, meet compliance requirements, institutionalize security standards as per business priorities, while seamlessly integrating with your existing security tools and controls. You can also gain a centralized view of real time alerts and security events, this helps in mitigating risks, stop potential threats and protect your IT infrastructure to enhance service availability.

Operational Support

  • Periodic monitoring for alerts and logs of connected systems, investigate and report anomalous data
  • Review and analyze SIEM alerts and map them based on context
  • Monitor actions taken on alerts by incident response teams
  • Develop and implement remediation solutions & workarounds for alerts
  • Escalation of security alerts as required
  • Forensic analysis assistance
  • Notice & investigate log spikes and dropped events
  • Respond to inbound technical support requests

Technical Support & System Administration

  • Manage user access including user and group permissions updates
  • Verify data collection and log continuity
  • Review application performance, capacity, and availability
  • Verify time synchronization among system components
  • Perform archival management and retrieval
  • Generate daily and weekly reports
  • Provide software-level management such as patches and upgrades
  • BCP DR testing assistance of SIEM

Essential & Standard Enhancements

  • New report and alert setup (upto 30* bundled reports and alerts per year)
  • Executive dashboard setup (upto 5* dashboards per year).
  • Ticketing system integration
  • Network scanning platform to detect vulnerabilities in app, systems and devices
  • Application to prioritize vulnerabilities, manage risks and automate configurations
  • Integration with new log sources

On-demand security to continuously assess security and stay safe

We have dedicated SIEM experts to monitor your security events, validate incidents, manage breaches and drive responses. Our SOC can provide you with real time security monitoring and notification services for security incidents with auto logging, tracking and closure of incident tickets. This ensures full visibility of an organization’s global state of security and provides near continuous threat profile, security posture and attack status.

Aujas SIEM solution approach:

Proactive Threat Discovery

  • Actionable Threat & Vulnerability Intelligence(Feed ingestion and analysis, strategic feed analysis and mapping customer assets for remediable recommendations)
  • Threat Hunting(Proactive threat hunting with strategic feeds, hypothesis management strategy, reporting & auto-remediation with SIEM integration)
  • Managed Deception(Decoy strategy implementation through files, network users and end points, monitoring and notifications, integration with SIEM & response)

Advanced Detection

  • Hosted and Managed SIEM(Log management, kill chain based correlation rules, analytics and visualization, SIEM administration, monitoring and notification, alert management)
  • Advanced SIEM Management(Full packet capture, flow analysis and management, advanced UBA analytics, vulnerability & configuration integration with SIEM)
  • Managed EDR(End point deployment & policy reinforcement, monitoring, threat intelligence & hunting integration, alert, triage and reporting)

Rapid Response

  • Incident Response(Incident analysis, incident containment, eradication & recovery, incident response coordination)
  • Run Book Automation(Run book creation, API integration, technology configuration, testing & automation, reporting)
  • Forensics(Network forensics, OS/DB/application forensics)

Aujas SIEM services – Dependable, Adaptable, Reponsive

We have an ISO 27001 certified global delivery center to provide continuous incident monitoring and response services, along SOC services that are compliant with industry standards such as ITIL, CoBIT and NIST.

  • World-class cyber défense centre to facilitate a tool neutral approach and integrate IT security infrastructure to provide a single real-time view of security posture
  • Strong governance of managing the cyber défense centre comprising of people, processes and technology
  • Superior data correlation technology to identify threats (threat aligned use cases in kill chain model)
  • SAVP platform for console monitoring, incident management and threat intelligence analysis
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of alerts, notification and reporting
  • Visual dashboard for auditors and compliance officers
  • Threat intelligence feed integrated and IOC setup & scan
  • Services delivered by certified security professionals