Aujas helps high tech products and services companies enhance their profitability and competitiveness by developing comprehensive risk management solutions that drive intellectual property (IP) protection, and manage information risks and compliance.

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Aujas Services & Solutions

Several top technology companies around the world depend on Aujas risk management solutions, including our:

Risk & Compliance Advisory

Telecoms must comply with stringent standards and regulations. Our risk and compliance services cover the entire information security landscape and include:

We help high tech firms implement best practices for security, business continuity, privacy and risk management. Our risk and compliance services include:

  • An integrated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management approach that allows our clients to build a system that integrates all compliance requirements.
  • A compliance readiness assessment plus assistance with readiness efforts. Our Compliance Manager solution helps our clients automate self-assessments.
  • IT GRC automation using RSA Archer eGRC Suite. We support our customers through the lifecycle of blueprinting and deploying the solution, integrating it with processes and systems, and then managing it.

Learn more about our risk and compliance management services.

Data Protection

Technology companies are dependent on data and intellectual capital, so protecting these is vital. Our data protection service helps our clients identify and classify sensitive data as it is stored, processed and transported across the organization. We help our clients:

  • stablish a data protection framework and strategy that governs the management of strategic, sensitive and proprietary data.
  • Conduct a data flow assessment (DFA) to identify where and how data is stored and used. We also conduct data leakage risk assessments (DLRA) to identify breach vectors and the risk of potential breaches.
  • Integrate popular data protection technologies such as data leakage prevention (DLP), database activity monitoring (DAM), information rights management (IRM), data encryption, tokenization and masking/redaction technologies.
  • Monitor data protection technologies to identify potential data breach incidents, manage consequences, improve effectiveness by fine-tuning rule bases, and moving rules to active protection from passive monitoring.

Our data protection experts work with our clients’ stakeholders and IT teams to identify and secure data. Learn more about our data protection services

Identity & Access Management

Managing digital identities and ensuring access is provided only to authorized users is key to information security. Our high tech clients get end-to-end services for Identity and Access Management (IAM), including:

  • Strategy and design – We evaluate client needs via executive workshops and field assessments and then provide a detailed strategy and roadmap for implementing enterprise-wide IAM initiatives. We also assist our clients with business case analysis, technology evaluation, and solution architecture.
  • Role engineering and entitlement management – We help our clients define roles and manage entitlements to ensure employees have only the access that is required to do their job effectively and only for as long as they do that job. Policy-based dynamic controls allow for automating who can have access to what, at what time, and in what context.
  • Access management – We help our customers implement complete solutions for enterprise access management, including web access management, single sign-on, and converged access control.
  • Sustenance and optimization – As an end-to-end solution provider, our support is available to sustain and optimize our clients’ IAM solutions. Identity access management is never static; systems need to evolve with enhancements and upgrades.

Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are vendor-agnostic, ensuring that our clients get the right IAM solution for their needs. Learn more about our IAM services

Cloud & Mobile Security

We assist our telecom clients in assessing and securing mobile applications, application stores, payment services products, USSD apps and mobile devices:

  • Mobile application store security – We perform security assessments for internal apps, external apps, and open API’s. We also conduct secure code reviews, and malicious patterns verifications, and assess device OS and dependent Telco’s components.
  • Mobile application store security – We perform security assessments for internal apps, external apps, and open API’s. We also conduct secure code reviews, and malicious patterns verifications, and assess device OS and dependent Telco’s components.
  • Mobile payment security – We assess mobile payment applications, conduct secure code review and reverse engineering of payment gateways and application API/interfaces.
  • USSD/DSTK application security – We assess USSD/DSTK applications, USSD gateways, and USSD application server frameworks. We review and analyze USSD logs, USSD-based payment application’s PCI-DSS and payment forum’s compliance pre-audit.
  • Enterprise mobile data management services – We help clients with enterprise data fragmentation; access control for critical business data and for business applications usage; mobile content management; data storage encryption, and authentication for fragmentized data.
  • Mobile device security – We review the mobile devices’ security configuration; prepare customized device security policies and user awareness programs; and assess mobile platforms and operating systems (Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME, and BADA).

Our secure design methodology for mobile applications and extensive cryptography experience help our clients secure data storage, deploy protocols such as SMS, USSD, 3G, GPRS and WAP, and reduce software re-engineering and compliance costs.

Learn more about our mobile security services.

Case Studies


Secure Code Review of Mobile Apps for US Based Leading Payment Provider

Our client is a global mobile payments company that provides comprehensive solutions and expertise to help our partners succeed. They provide complete end-to-end, customizable mobile payment solutions across three continents and are partnered with industry leaders in banking and finance.

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