At nearly 550 quadrillion BTUs (British Thermal Units) generated by fossil and non-fossil fuels combined and $48 trillion in projected investment need by 2035, the Energy sector is considered strategic in nature, vital for national growth, and plays a significant role in geopolitics and international trade. Many companies in the sector come under purview of critical infrastructure protection and are susceptible to cyber attacks, sabotage and conventional warfare threats.

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Aujas Solutions

We help our Energy sector clients protect their data, manage security incidents and vulnerabilities, and implement information security risk and compliance programs effectively.

Risk & Compliance Advisory
We provide services that not only help with risk and compliance management but also allow for automation of GRC programs. Our services include:
  • Our integrated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management approach allows our customers to build a system that integrates all the compliance requirements, which helps minimize audit fatigue.
  • We help our customers through the journey of industry-specific regulatory compliance by assessing the readiness levels and helping in the readiness efforts. Our Compliance Manager solution helps our customers automate self-assessments.
  • One of our specialties is IT GRC automation consulting using RSA Archer eGRC Suite. We support our customers through blueprinting, deploying, and integrating the solution with processes and systems, and then managing it.
Our services are designed to cover the entire information security landscape. We are a one-stop shop for all information risk management requirements. Learn more about our risk and compliance management services.
Identity & Access Management
Managing digital identities and ensuring access to only authorized users is the key to an effective information security implementation. Most Energy companies are using IAM technology solutions to move towards centralized IAM. Our comprehensive IAM services include:
  • Strategy and design – We evaluate our client’s needs quite thoroughly using executive workshops and field assessments. Then we provide a detailed strategy and roadmap for implementing enterprise-wide IAM initiatives. We also assist with business case analysis, technology evaluation, and solution architecture.
  • Role engineering and entitlement management – We help our customers define roles in detail and manage entitlements, ensuring that employees have only the access required to do their job effectively and only for as long as necessary. Policy-based dynamic controls allow for automating who can have access to what, at what time, and in what context.
  • Access management – We implement complete solutions for enterprise access management, including web access management, single sign on, and converged access control.
  • Sustenance and optimization – Identity access management is never static, and an energy company’s system needs to evolve. As an end-to-end solution provider, Aujas’ support is available to sustain and optimize IAM solutions through enhancements and upgrades.
Our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions are vendor-agnostic, ensuring that our clients get best-in-breed solutions across all leading IAM solution providers. Learn more about our IAM services.
Data Protection
An energy company’s data can be highly strategic and can directly affect competitive advantage if compromised. Our data protection service helps our energy companies identify and classify sensitive data as it is stored, processed, and transported across the organization. We assist our clients by:
  • Establishing a data protection framework and strategy to govern the management of sensitive data including business strategies, plans, M&A agreements, contractual or service agreements, exploration data, and geological surveys, and more.
  • Conducting data flow assessments (DFA) to identify where and how sensitive data is stored, used and transferred. We also conduct data leakage risk assessments (DLRA) to identify breach vectors and the risk of potential breaches.
  • Integrating popular data protection technologies such as data leakage prevention (DLP), database activity monitoring (DAM), information rights management (IRM), data encryption, and tokenization and masking/redaction technologies.
  • Monitoring the data protection technologies to identify potential data breach incidents, manage consequences, improve effectiveness by fine-tuning rule bases, and moving rules to active protection from passive monitoring.

Learn more about our data protection services.

Threat Management
Our services allow our customers to assess and secure their information technology network and systems (such as servers, databases, applications) as well as industrial control system components.
  • We help our clients design, develop and manage vulnerability management programs that leverage threat intelligence to anticipate and proactively mitigate vulnerabilities.
  • We assess the infrastructure, application and mobile application security by conducting vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and code reviews. We don’t stop at scanning technology; we also mitigate the risks found.
  • We support our customers to mitigate advanced persistent threats through our APT risk mitigation services.
  • We understand that today’s attacks can exploit human weakness. We offer human behavior evaluation with our cloud-based Phishnix. This tool not only assesses how susceptible people are to phishing, it trains them to avoid attacks.
We work with our client’s infrastructure team to assess the security levels of the existing technology and mitigate risks. Learn more about our threat management services.
Security Intelligence
Energy companies can be the target of organized cyber-criminals due to their strategic importance. Many in the sector are moving towards implementing a holistic and comprehensive cyber-security strategy and incident management programs.
It can be difficult, however, for companies to know how to use the technologies effectively. Aujas helps our energy sector clients get the most out of their investments:
  • We help our customers establish a more responsive incident management program by incorporating proactive and reactive processes. We enable our customers to define Indicators of Compromise (IoC), work with threat intelligence, and use it with their threat management program.
  • We use our Correlation Library to provide an accelerated rules deployment for various SIEM/SA/SI technology providers.
  • We help security leaders see through the reporting fog and focus on critical issues with our analytics and visualizations solution.
  • We design custom SIEM/SA solutions that go beyond traditional security event analytics, and integrate analysis and correlation capabilities to solve other issues such as identity fraud.

Learn more about our security intelligence services.

Case Studies


Information Security Incident Management Framework for Large Oil & Gas Client

Many industries depend on technology for managing critical information and operations and providing better user service and experience. As a result, companies who embrace technology have increasingly become the target for various hackers and organized crime groups. Information security incidents are increasing, especially those that involve data leakage or the compromise of sensitive business or customer information. Reputation damage, legal actions, and fines or compensation payouts are among the consequences victimized companies face.

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