The Aujas Compliance Manager uses a simple web-based interface to assist in managing multiple compliance requirements. This solution has been developed with a ‘keep it simple’ philosophy and has powerful capabilities to mimic real-life auditing scenarios.

It also is capable of providing security domain-based reports and trend reports across audits. Since it is highly customizable, it can help manage compliance standards such as:

  • ISO 27001
  • Internal policies (customizable)

The application can be installed in-house or hosted on the Cloud. Users can access the application through their web-browsers.


  • Workflows: Features workflows, multi-user support and project tracking.
  • Role Base Access: User Management, creation of multiple roles. Assign to different roles needed
  • Risk Rating: Ability to provide risk ratings for individual controls.
  • Issue Tracking: Ability to track status of action plans for remediation with responsibility and timeliness adherence.
  • Trend Analysis and Reporting: Trend analysis reports over periodic gaps assessments.
  • Reporting: While the bundle reports are based on domains and trends across multiple audits, the reports can be customized quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Built-in compliance list with more than 500 statements based on ISO27001, PCI DSS, and COBIT guidelines.
  • Compliance requirements and data can be imported directly into the tool and used immediately.
  • Implementation plans can be prioritized based on client-assigned risk ratings.
  • Issues, action items can be assigned to different team members and departments.
  • Regular updates and trend tracking are provided with high-level reporting for senior executives.
  • Evidence of compliance can be captured and stored in the tool itself, simplifying tracking and reporting.