Identity and access management challenges in an organization come from several user groups, including business, administrative, and power users. While several methodologies and solutions exist to address the IAM needs of the business staff and executives, solving the access governance problem for administrators and power users can quickly get daunting, because of the increase in the scale of the IT infrastructure that these users manage. This is especially true with the IT environments that are decentralized in nature such as large multi-location data centers, distributed telecommunication networks, or cloud services providers.

Aujas Privileged Access Governor provides a modular and scalable framework to build solutions for addressing the challenges associated with privileged access control. This solution framework has been build ground-up, to allow insertion of specific modules to solve specific challenges.

Aujas Privileged Access Governor is built on the proven Zachman framework. The solution provides modules for:

  • Privileged user administration
  • Privileged session management and single sign-on
  • Credential vault
  • Risk-based multifactor authentication
  • Session recording and command logging
  • Privileged activity monitoring and analytics

Aujas Privileged Access Governor allows leveraging and reusing existing specific solution components if they are already present with an organization.

The solution provides a rich set of reports to ascertain accountability of administrative actions and ease forensic analysis. The solution has been built using the base platform of industry-leading IBM Security identity and access management solutions.

The solution is available in various forms, including a lightweight pre-configured appliance format as well as separate components which can deployed in a distributed network environment.