Identity and access management is no longer just a requirement for IT administrators. Access risk is a Board level issue. Aujas Business Access Governor is a solution that aligns the business implications of an IAM program with the technical management of access.

Aujas Business Access Governor is a unique solution that organizations can use to enhance their existing or planned IAM solutions to provide advanced access governance functionalities.

The Business Access Governor has been especially designed to address the needs of IAM technology early adopters, where the primary driver of solution design and implementation was automation and operational efficiency. The early adopter solutions were designed to automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts, thereby solving the issues of lost productivity and manual errors. However these solutions were not designed for identifying, reviewing, and managing access risk.

Aujas Business Access Governor enhances these existing solutions by providing a new user interface designed for security and risk management leaders.

The solution leverages business roles to encapsulate technical roles and discretionary access. With an easy-to-understand and sleek user interface, the solution provides advanced capabilities for

  • Role-based identity management
  • Access recertification
  • Periodic role definition attestation
  • Enforcement of separation of duties
  • Dashboards for visualizing access risk across applications and systems
  • Access request portal wrapper to integrate existing IAM systems

The Business Access Governor supports closed and open loop provisioning and a range of applications within enterprise, mobile, and cloud domains. It provides a unique portal that eases change by integrating existing self-service application access request portals. This capability allows end users to seamlessly request and manage their access from a unified central interface.

The Business Access Governor solution is bundled with Aujas Access Governance professional services to ensure rapid deployment and maximum return on investment.