Aujas helps its clients address key security issues in their digital business by creation of risk management postures to address regulations & best practices in the industry. It provides solutions to manage identities of people, business and things. It also helps with development of software controls & secure API’s, in addition to helping with security testing, validation & vulnerability remediation. We enable our clients to allow the right individuals to access the right resources at the right time, for the right reasons. This helps our clients increase security and productivity, while decreasing cost, downtime and repetitive tasks.


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Aujas Services

Aujas offers comprehensive Digital Security services including strategy and planning, architecture and design, IoT on cloud strategy and control, mobile and IoT control, comprehensive security validation, remediation and compliance assurance. Aujas also offers a bouquet of managed digital security services to provide operational support in this area thereby reducing the customers’ dependence on the market place that is thinly populated with digital security expertise. Some of the services in Digital Security offered by Aujas are below:

Digital Security Strategy & Planning
Risk assessment of the Digital business strategy to design applicable risk management framework

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Businesses are adopting digital strategies to empower the technology, people and connected things to improve the customer experiences. This is driving the focus of CXOs towards building innovative and next generation solutions with cloud, mobile, Social, Internet of things (IoT) and API management platforms to shape their digital strategies. Aujas offers services in strategy and planning which support its customers in ensuring a digital transformation that is foolproof. This strategy helps business teams to achieve higher results through optimisation of infrastructure and applications life cycles and technology transformation with real time high performing eco-systems with digital technology.

Security Architecture Design
Comprehensive security architecture design including software architecture, identity management, compliance strategy, API security, IOT security etc.

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We help organizations with our secure architecture design and review services. Traditionally, security assessments and compliance reviews are carried out at the end of the product and device releases /deployment cycles. Thereby pushing the security findings and hence, its remediation to the end of the release cycles. It is also time consuming and most times more expensive. Our security architecture and design experts help to incorporate security design principals and enforce it in the development frameworks and help architect IoT eco-systems that are more secure. Secure integration principals for identity management solutions, API and IoT platforms help to strengthen security for the overall architecture.

IoT Platform Consulting
Advisory services to design and planning for IoT platform, its integration with API platforms , defining communication protocols

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Usage of connected devices, its APIs and end user applications are major targets by attackers. Insecure data, Firmware, communication channels & ID&M compliance issues lead to privacy issues and fraudulent transactions, abusive navigations, misuse of connected devices and IoT Platforms with other OWASP IoT Risks. We help organizations to secure IoT through our secure design, secure development & implementation services,  devices and interfaces security implementation and secure code review/ assessment services with security operations. Aujas advisory services offer to design and plan for IoT platforms, their integration with API platforms as well as defining communication protocols.

API Management Platform Consulting
Advisory services to design and planning for API Management platform and its integration with IoT devices

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We help organisations to secure their digital transformation based on cloud , mobile and IoT Devices through APIs. API economy is based on API monetization through leveraging APIs integrations to build business models – Expedia, Salesforce, ebay, etc. Social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Oauth APIs are widely used by third party developers. Internet of Things are powered by interconnectivity with popular API platforms – Apigee, John Deere IOT Stack, CA Technology’s API platform.

IoT on Cloud Strategy
Design and develop strategy to secure IoT eco-system on cloud environment

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Aujas Digital Security Advisory Services help enterprises integrate and secure cloud and IoT technologies as part of their business strategy. Whether you want to formally define how you will use cloud and digital business devices, deploy a new cloud service, evaluate a set of providers, or assess the viability of your existing cloud and IoT strategy, we help you understand, prioritize, and mitigate risks in order to make the most of your investments. Our experts draw on years of experience and proven methodologies to help protect critical business data by enabling secure cloud and IoT strategies.

Software & API Control Implementation
Detail software control design and implementation. API management and security transport solutions

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Aujas has strong team of security architects and we help organizations to design and develop security controls for the devices’ software, IoT and API platforms integrations and connectivity protocols. Most times, designing and developing security controls for the complex IoT eco-system requires security and development expertise in the embedded and IoT space.  Aujas has proven skills in designing and developing such complex eco-systems more securely.

Mobile & Internet of Things Controls
Mobile and IoT control design and implementation. Secure development for mobile applications and Digital business devices

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Access of IoT devices through the mobile telephone will be the order of the day in the very near future. End-to-end security of valuable usage data through the digital medium is a high priority area for our customers. We help organisations to secure their mobility initiative through mobile application security testing, mobile app store testing, mobile payments services security, mobile devices security , mobile back-end components, APIs security assessment and deployment services. Aujas has the advantage of having the experience in all mobile Platforms and Operating Systems, mobile devices and mobile payments security. Securing and controlling the mobile eco-system for the access to digital business devices and IoT is an important element in the digital security services portfolio.

IoT on Cloud Controls
Detailed secure deployment design and implementation of IoT systems on cloud

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Aujas has the advantage of having a comprehensive experience in Amazon, Azure, Sales force Platforms, cloud consulting services and experience in secure deployment of on-premise cloud solutions. Our experts draw on years of experience and proven methodologies to help protect critical business data by enabling secure cloud and IoT controls. The cloud delivers continuous monitoring of all devices and the capability to turn off web services with a click of a button so that the devices are no longer listening to the Internet-thereby mitigating risk. By shifting security from individual purpose-built devices to the cloud, you actually have more controls and functions over each individual device. Another benefit of the cloud is its cost-effectiveness: by deploying the right tools to predict malicious activities and identify patterns, security increases while cost decreases as individual devices can only do so little without driving huge costs. Many devices working together en masse in the cloud is "smart."

Identity Management of Businesses, People and Things
Integrated IAM solutions across enterprise applications and Digital business systems. Identity of things, access solutions and integration

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We deliver complete solutions for enterprise access management, including Web access management, single sign-on, converged access control, information rights management, and more. Aujas can assist clients with digital identity management, including the design and administration of information to identify and authorize a person for digital transactions. Our solutions encompass all digital business devices, management of identity of users and rights of access and usage mapped for all users and all devices.

Security Validation & Remediation
Comprehensive functional, architecture, code and deployment security assessment and remediation

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Verification of secure design and coding standards and practices is a cornerstone of a digital security strategy. Validation of the standards and practices and offering a remedial solution in case there are risks identified is a service that Aujas provides to its clients. Aujas blends in its offering its deep experience of the security and risk management domain and its technical expertise in software design and development in order to ensure that risks can be pre-empted even from the stage of design and development of client solutions. In addition to the security assessment and remediation in design and development, Aujas also extends the same service to the several deployment instances that the client may have in the enterprise, including implementations in the cloud platforms.

Compliance Assurance
Compliance control implementation & audit support

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The Aujas Compliance Assurance and Audit services use a simple web-based interface to assist in managing multiple compliance requirements. This solution has been developed with a “keep it simple” philosophy and has powerful capabilities to mimic real-life auditing scenarios.

It is also capable of providing security domain-based reports and trend reports across audits. Since it is highly customizable, it can help manage compliance standards such as:

  • ISO 27001
  • Internal Policies (customizable)

This tool could be installed in-house or hosted in the Cloud. Users can access the tool through their web-browsers.

Managed Digital Security Services
Enhancement, support and operations services for the Digital security ecosystem

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Aujas Managed Digital Security Services enhances and supports the operations and services for the Digital security ecosystem of our customers. Some of the services provided by Aujas are:

  • Incident management & response
  • Control support
  • Enhancement & optimization
  • On-demand security testing
  • Compliance support

Case Studies


Secure Code Review of Internet of Things for a Leading Payment Service Provider

One of the leading payment service provider in APAC engaged us to secure their mobile payment devices through secure code review and remediation advisories.

Goal of this engagement was to assess the device application source code for security flaws and validate that secure coding practices has been incorporated in the source code development life cycle. Also to assess the source code with Industry best practices – OWASP.

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Securing Enterprise Mobility

Our client is one of the largest telecom companies in Middle East Asia, with a customer base approaching 2.4 million. They had launched enterprise mobile applications to their users and implemented Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for their employees.

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Secure Code Review of Mobile Apps for US Based Leading Payment Provider

Our client is a global mobile payments company that provides comprehensive solutions and expertise to help our partners succeed. They provide complete end-to-end, customizable mobile payment solutions across three continents and are partnered with industry leaders in banking and finance.

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Mobile Application Security Assessment

Our client is a large private bank with a revenue of $6.5 billion last year. This bank had a national presence and a customer base of over 28 million. Our client wanted to make banking and other related services available to customer more easily and so has widely adopted mobile banking

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