Win customer trust. Sign your code before the release of binaries and executables.

Code Signing is the process of adding digital signatures to your software application before its release. It is electronic evidence that proves a publicly trusted certification authority has verified the application’s publisher identity. Code signing affirms that you are the author of the application, and it has not been altered, corrupted, infected with malicious code, and is safe to use.

Here is why Code Signing is a critical imperative:

  • Unsigned applications can put your organization’s reputation at risk and can make it impossible to identify application tampering.
  • Unsigned code is typically untrusted, and OS security models are increasingly rejecting unsigned software execution.
  • Chance of lawsuits if malicious applications are released and distributed to customers.

Aujas Code Sign – Your Application’s Lifeguard

Aujas Code Sign is an automated code signing solution, which can seamlessly integrate with your build and release systems. It can protect private keys using defense-grade key management such as tamper-resistant hardware security modules, ensuring total security of your secret keys and the code signing process.

Solution capabilities:

Protect: Role-based approval to enable total control on user access.
Detect: Enterprise-grade anti-malware scanner to inspect binary files.
Governance: Access control and reliable visibility through automated trails.
Scale: Scalable cloud architecture and volume-based licensing model.


Third Party tool Integrations

Third party tool integrations

Native integration of software build and release systems allow automated malware scanning and signing of software files. Configurable GUI options and parameters for software having different file types can avail single set sign in wrappers.

GPG Signing

Supports multiple file types and Operating Systems

Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms and file types such as .msi, .msp, .dll, .exe, .sys, .war,. jar, .ear, .rpm, .zip, .apk, .dmg,. ipa, .pkg, etc. The development roadmap and solution architecture allow Aujas to quickly build support for new file types when requested by customers. Other file formats can also be signed using GPG signing.

Manifold signing

Manifold signing support

Supports various types of signing such as basic signing, GPG signing, force signing, append signing, MAGE, WHQL, to name a few.

Certificate management

Certificate management

Manage test and production certificates for code signing purposes. Use your certificate without being limited to a certification authority.

Directory Integration

Enterprise directory integration

Integrate enterprise directories such as Office365 or Active Directory for user authentication. Aujas Code Sign can authenticate build machines before accepting signing requests.

Securely publish software and win more customers

Aujas Code Sign platform can assure your customers on the authenticity of your software by automatically signing it before release and use.

Key advantages:

  • Instill user confidence: Build much-needed user trust by highlighting publisher identity and assuring users regarding your authorship of the software.
  • Enhance brand value: Prevent occurrences of unsigned and self-signed code, which can show up as alerts to highlight whether the publisher is unknown/not verified. Malicious actors target unsigned software to infect malware since it’s easier to distribute without raising red flags.
  • Advanced code security: Crypto key protection with tamper-proof HSM to secure code.
  • Protect credibility: Applications without being code signed can throw up run time or installation errors, this can lead to customer doubting the publisher’s credibility, and they might not continue to use or install the software.

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