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Secure Mobile App Development: Differences from Traditional Approach

The traditional mobile application development processes stress on convenience more than security usually because implementing security is considered time consuming. Unfortunately, this also makes mobile applications a good target for hackers. This webinar will show the extent of threats posed by hackers that stem from mobile application vulnerabilities and also discuss how to prepare the first line of defense – by training developers to identify and have a plan to deal with potential vulnerabilities.

The webinar will start by describing the major challenges and business risks involved in mobile apps development. It will move on to the various ways by which clients’ mobile applications may be attacked, and how their devices may be compromised. The presentation will stress on the “development risk” that arises due to the unique nature of mobile usage and the ramifications of not controlling this risk. It will then focus on the dos and don´ts associated with the secure design and development of mobile apps. It will quickly touch upon the key areas to consider during mobile apps development and cover how it differs from traditional application development.

The webinar will cover the reactive and proactive ways of handling mobile applications development, the importance of following a well defined secure development lifecycle approach for mobile devices. It will conclude with ideas on how to mitigate significant threats like insecure data storage on mobile devices and mobile application servers, mobile device operating systems and platform issues, communications channels issues– SMS, IP connections, USSD channels and device lost/theft case scenarios.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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Suhas Desai

Suhas Desai ,
Senior Consultant at
Aujas Information Risk Services

Suhas Desai is a distinguished Senior Consultant at Aujas Information Risk Services, specializing in the Mobile Security Services. He is also a frequent speaker at prominent industry and customer forums. Desai has been on the technical advisory committees for many prestigious national and international conferences.

He has delivered over 350 conference talks on software & mobile security across the globe including OSSPAC’09, Singapore; INTEROP 2009, Mumbai; ‘Mobile VAS in Growth Markets summit’, 2010, Dubai and ‘4th Mobile Commerce Summit ASIA’, 2011, Kuala Lumpur. He also contributes features for Linux for You, Linux+ and Linux Journal magazines.